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Hey everyone! I've had much experience as an online shopper since I can't drive yet (lol) and I've stumbled upon many imitation sites that try to sell fake brands without you knowing! Annoying, I know. But hopefully this guide will help you steer clear of any fake sites. Or maybe youll be interested in purchasing from these websites! Who knows!

I stumbled upon this site about a year ago when I was searching for some good deals on MAC products! I found this site with unbelievable deals like twelve MAC lip glosses for $3! I was really skeptical because I don't know any website that sells even "no-name" lip glosses for less than a dollar a piece. THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM! Not only are the products fake, but the chance you will even receive a product is slim!
A few years ago I started an obsession with Uggs! I first received a pair for a Christmas from my parents and I fell in love! They were warm, soft, and in style at my school (now that I look at them they really arent THAT cute lol!). I got the chocolate brown ones and I really wanted another pair so I searched around to find some good deals on Uggs so I could get another color. When I discovered this website, it seemed really believable. The prices were 20-50 bucks cheaper than retail and it seemed pretty legitimate. The pictures looked like real Uggs, and they had a huge selection. I told my friend about the site and she ordered right away. When she received her Uggs in the mail, she was disgusted! Not only were they fake, they were really bad fakes. They weren't warm what so ever and you could tell they were knock offs from a mile away. Don't order from this website!!!
By writing this, I am in no way saying ALL items purchased from Ebay are fake. In fact, I have bought many makeup and clothing items here and they were 100% real! However, 9 out of 10 Luis Vuiton bags purchased on Ebay are fake (fact)!  You just have to do your research before purchasing! I bought a MAC bronzer from this site and it was extremely fake! Before buying your Ebay item it is crucial that you check up on the person selling the item and also look at the pictures for signs of fake products. 

Signs Of Fake Products:

1) You don't recognize the certain design/pattern! If you're purchasing what you think is a real Coach bag, check up on the Coach website and make sure that bag even exists!

2) The price is way to low to be true! If you find a website selling Ugg boots for $20 or MAC brushes for a buck, that should be a huge red flag! Don't buy anything that is more than 25% off the original price!!

3)Looks cheaper than the real thing! Sideways stitching, odd fonts on labels, weird fabric. All signs that you could be dealing with a fake!

4)There are spelling errors! If the logo is spelt wrong don't buy it! TIP: MAC logo is always written in black!

5) It is being shipped from a foreign country! Make sure the item your buying isn't being shipped from China because that almost always means you are buying a fake!

Hope this helped all of you! Thanks for reading :)
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