Small Target Haul

Hard to believe it's August...! This summer has been flying by, but it isn't over yet :) I had to pick up a few things at Target before departing for Bermuda on Friday, so I decided to post this short haul. I love Target and I love Target hauls almost as much; I hope you enjoy :)

Three earrings for $5? Hell ya! Gotta love target :) Colors are silver, gold, and bronze.

Sorry for the poor quality. The top earrings are dangle pearls with a flying bird
and the bottom are some white and silver disc earrings. Only $3.50 (SCORE!) 

Okay, I cheated, this is from a store next to Target in my mall. But it's just a
 bumper sticker for my car. I like it because it's simple, yet it has a great message.

Needed to pick up a water-proof mascara for the beach! I've tried about every lash blast,
but never the fusion. Maybe I will do a post if I like it :)

Bought an extra foundation just in case. My favorite of ALL time.
Have any of you tried it? It's incredible.

Kind of boring, but these wipes are AMAZING. This is a travel size for my trip.

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