Halloween Costume Ideas!

So, I was doing some brainstorming on what to be for halloween and I figured, I could show some cute ideas to you girls! I hope these are helpful, and please keep in mind I do not own these pictures... they are all from (which you should definitely check out!)

Love this idea for a group costume! I'd probably wear leggings and a tub top underneath. 

I think this is what I am leaning towards being! It's so flirty but not too uhm... hoochie! LOL

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume
You don't even have to do this in a group! It's so cute.
Flo from Progressive Insurance, created by matfran on Polyvore  Jordyn's halloween costume!!
How funny is this? Such a cool idea if you're going for a funny costume.
Black Swan Costume
Black Swan. Love the makeup

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