Where have I been?

Hello ELB family! I've missed blogging so, so much. I don't really know what exactly has been keeping me away. It's hard to pin point the exact thing but here is an idea of what I've been up to...


So I guess you could say I'm not the typical high school girl because I was completely dreading prom. Yes it's fun to dress up and get your hair and nails done and wear a pretty dress, but to me, it was just not worth the stress or ungodly amounts of money for just one night. I sucked it up though and went to my senior prom which was surprisingly kind of fun. Once you ignore the fact that every girl there is sizing up every other girl there to see who's hair/nails/makeup/everythingfreakingelse looks better, then it's actually quite enjoyable. One word of advice for future prom attendees: make the most of it. Dancing and enjoying the food made it 100000x better!


Yes... the day finally came! Finished my senior year believe it or not. I knew I could do it physically because I was a great student and already accepted/enrolled at my dream school, but I didn't know if I could mentally handle another year of high school. Luckily, I did it and believe me, no tears fell from these eyes (Jojo reference. If you get this, chances are I love you) when the moment finally came to walk across the stage. The picture on the bottom left was taken my a friends parent and truly captures my sense of relief.


Thankfully, no pictures exist of me working. If pictures of me working did exist, it would feature me looking like a miserable, fake smiling, blob. I have been working 20-30 hours a week this summer which leaves little time for blogging so this is definitely a major reason why I've been away from the ELB site. I've been working at a department store this summer (I wont disclose the name while I'm still working there, maybe another day) and let me tell you, it is pure HELL! Obviously there are worse jobs out there and I'm lucky to be in a job but I still absolutely dread my 8 hour shifts from hell. Honestly, the horrors of my job deserve their own post so I will save the rest of this rant for later...


So I haven't been up to only work and no play. That is not how I role. In fact, on days where I have nothing to do, I consider it an accomplishment to leave the perimeters of my bedroom/kitchen. I've been loving hiking this summer. I'm not exactly the athletic type, but I do like active things. Hiking is one of those things that I hate while I'm doing it, but getting to the top of the mountain makes the whole thing worth it. I've also spent time at my family's lake house in Maine which is one of my favorite spots for deep thinking (and where I got back from last night). And just chilling out with my family, my dog, and my boyfriend has pretty much summed up my summer so far.

And last, but not least stressful, I have been preparing for college next year. I already attended orientation which was surprisingly fun and I've already met a few friends who I will be meeting up with this summer. I cannot wait for a fresh start next year, but I'm stressing over things like the difficulty of classes next year, buying stuff for my dorm, and clothing (what the heck to do I bring to college?!). College preparation posts will be coming soon, for sure.

Sorry I've been gone for so long. I'm thinking of changing the blog up a little bit to make it a bit more personal, like this post. I do still love beauty (obviously!) so I will still be posting reviews and hauls and such. I'm not going to set a strict schedule of when I'll be posting because it'll be a little bit too much. However, I will be posting more (I promise!).

Thanks for reading. Follow my links and comment!


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