MAC Make-Up Dupe: Studio Fix Plus

Everyone loves a good deal! A dupe is a lower end product with the same quality of a high end product! I recently discovered these identical products but one is half the price! Check them out :)


These two items are identical! I was a huge fan of the MAC studio fix plus (top right) until I discovered Revlon Color stay. They both give you flawless coverage but Revlon Color Stay is HALF THE PRICE!!


So I was exploring to look for deals and I found this amazing brush company with awesome reviews! Its called Shany. There are 24 brushes and a brush roll for only 25 bucks! Its practically stealing! And I know what your thinking... those brushes are probably terrible. But wrong! I was reading reviews and I didnt see any bad ones. Now if your expecting MAC quality brushes, then you might not get what you hoped but these are still really good and are perfect for a started makeup kit! Get them here!

I would like to thank all the readers because in only one day this blog got over five hundred views! I'm so proud and I never thought that could happen overnight! Feel free to e-mail anytime for comments or suggestions at I will always answer!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of the above brands. These are all my own opinions.

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