Review: MAC Prep and Prime Face Primer (7.5/10)

Hey guys! So it was requested I did a "MAC Prep and Prime" face primer which I just so happened to have picked up on my little trip to MAC the other day! Enjoy!

Okay so first off, I'm not the biggest fan of face primers to begin with. I mean- they have a good idea! Something that makes your makeup last all day.. who wouldnt want that? But, when I used my "Clinique Super City Block" primer I was really disapointed and gave up hope for make up primers. It left my make up super cakey and just wasn't worth the 17 bucks! So when I was at the MAC store, I decided to give a primer a second chance considering I am usually really happy with MAC products.

Price: 30.00

Where to Get It:, or your local MAC retailer

First Impressions: Cute, simple packaging. Not a lot of product. Good formula. Doesn't really have a smell which is really good!

First Use: Okay so I need to start off by warning you guys... only apply a little bit! If you use too much if will make your makeup really cakey. ALSO: make sure you apply evenly through out your face because it can be noticable in areas your didn't use it!

After 24 Hours: Noticably made my makeup last longer! Not that much more of a smoother finish. Didn't last exactly twenty four hours. However, it did last me all school day which is important!

Overall: I wouldn't exactly say its a miracle in a bottle but if your looking for something to help your makeup last longer, this is a good product. I wouldn't use it everyday because there isn't much product in there and its 30 bucks per bottle! The SPF 50 is really good too so I would recomend this for a day at the beach or out at the pool when  you know you'll be in the sun!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Well that was my first product review and I hope everyone enjoyed it! Did you like the setup? Is the rating system easy to follow? Was it too formal/informal? What were YOUR thoughts on this product? Let me know by commenting me below, or shooting me an email at!

Hope you enjoyed!

Emily :)

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