Halloween Beauty Must Haves

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting I have been sooo busy lately. Since Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to do a post on Halloween "must haves"! These items are all extremely affordable and you can even use them after Halloween night! I've also included items that you can use multiple times or so you can change your mind at the last minute!

Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup Palette

This palette is an absolute MUST HAVE not only for Halloween but for every day! I bought this palette back in December of 09 and I still use it almost everyday! It literally has every color possible inside of it. If you are really into make up products or you watch youtube videos then you've probably had heard of this! It's perfect for Halloween because there are so many looks you can do and sooo many options! Its really inexpensive and its awesome quality!!

Cost: $18.95
Get it: HERE!

PS: This site has really affordable makeup check it out!

ELF False Lash Palette

Everyone knows that false lashes are essential in creating a dramatic eye look! Well these lashes are perfect and there is two sets so that you can change your mind at the last minute! These are super super super cheap but they are fairly good quality and they will be sure to last you the whole night! One of the main reasons that I included these lashes are that there are two so they can be used for more parties or even after Halloween!

Cost: $3.00
Get it: HERE!
(or at your local Target, Walmart, Drugstore, ETC)

Rocker Mini Nail Polish (Sephora by OPI)

Want bold nails for Halloween but don't want to pay $9 a pop? These nail polishes are so perfect for Halloween because they have a variety of 4 bold Halloween colors at only $18! I totally recommend these even if you just want to add them to your nail collection! Sephora by OPI is awesome quality and is usually pretty expensive but this price is not bad at all! These are definitely a must have!

Cost: $18
Get it: HERE!
(or your local Sephora!)  

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