Review: Shany 24 Piece Brush Set (6/10)

Hey guys! So sorry for how long its been since I've posted! I have been working so hard with school, sports, my social life, etc and its been so tough to find the time to upload a blog! But, I'm writing about an awesome brush set I purchased on Amazon a few days ago that you may have seen in my dupes post!
Price: 25.00

Where to Get It: Get it here!

First Impressions: How the heck could a brush set be so cheap, yet good quality? Awesome leather brush roll for free, cute design, looks really professional, delivery was free and took 3 daysl!

First Use: Okay so when I opened up this product I was so amazed. First off the shipping was so fast, and it also had such a wide variety of brushes! I mean it had face brushes, eye brushes, lip brushes, a sponge brush, a mascara wand, eye brow groomer, and even a fan brush. Perfect for a makeup beginner or someone who just wants to add to their collection. The brushes worked fantastic, although they had a really bad plastic odor. Also, a lot of the brushes were very similar.

After a Week: These brushes were still in great shape after a week! Picked up color really well although some of them were exactly the same. I cant complain though considering it was only 25 bucks and they are comparable to MAC brushes! The smell goes away after cleaning them!

Overall: Amazing deal! Get it while it lasts! No shedding, great shipping, good variety, pick up good color, professional looking! However some of them look really alike and there was no blending brush :\

Overall Rating: 6/10

**UPDATE: A year later and they're still soft and nice! However, the tops have separated from the handles big time. I have to re-glue pretty much all of them... so I dropped it down a point!

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