How to: Shiny, Healthy Hair

1) Heat Protectant
Heat protectant is essential for healthy hair, especially when you apply a lot of heat to it. It protects your hair from the damages of your blow dryer, straightening iron, etc. Make sure to apply this every time you use heat with you hair. Even apply this at times when your going to the beach, or your going to be outside for a long time because it can also protect your hair from UV rays that can dry out/damage your hair. My favorite heat protectant is the Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray ($4.49)

Other good brands to try:
-CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray - $11.99
-John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray- $6.99
-Ozon Yummy Hair Cherry Bomb - $12.99

2) Fish Oil Pills
I know what your thinking. Fish Oil Pills?! EW! But these things work wonders. I have been taking them for about two weeks and my hair has been extremely soft and shiny. There of other non beauty related benefits as well like healthier blood stream and joints but I take it mostly for my hair. They are over the counter so no prescription is needed. Make sure you talk to your doctor and parents before you begin taking these in case you are allergic or are taking other medicine that this may interfere with. Warning: These pills are huge! If you can't swallow pills these are extremely big so they may be difficult to swallow!

3) Deep Conditioner
Deep conditioner can fix even the most damaged hair. It conditions deep into your hair and repairs it from heat damage. I like to use Aussie's "Three Minute Miracle" once or twice a week to give my hair a nice treat and make it soft and shiny! Just apply from root to tip, and leave in for three minutes. Then, just wash it out! You hair will feel like you just got home from the salon. I also like to apply Chi Silk Infusion on the tips of my hair before I got to bed to give them some moisture and to apply damage from heat!


-...too much heat on your hair! That can really damage and dry it out!
-...washing your hair everyday! You should wash your hair every other day so the natural oils can replenish your hair.
-...brushing your hair when it's wet! Always use a wide toothed comb or your hair will break.
-..."Sun In" or any other products used to lighten your hair in the sun! It's so bad for your hair and it will fry it!
-...always using the same shampoo! Don't use the same shampoo all the time! When you run out, use another brand and create a rotation. Always using one shampoo will make your hair come immune to the products that make your hair smooth/shiny. 

I hope this helped you guys looking for a way to get shiny and healthy hair! Thanks so much for reading:)

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