Incorporating the Nautical Trend Into Your Wardrobe

This summer, the nautical trend has been huge! Sometimes, it can be a bit of overkill with the nautical clothes sold at trendy stores. It's taken me a while, but I finally found a way to bring the nautical trend and make it my own. Using pieces I already owned, I was able to follow the trend without changing my personal style or hurting my wallet. Hope you enjoy these four outfits!

Outfit #1:

I love this outfit! It's cute, trendy, and comfortable! I incorporated the trend with a navy and white striped romper from Forever 21. I paired it with a white sweater from Target. The best thing about this outfit is that I can dress it up or down. I can style it with some cute wedges, a nautical style necklace, and some cute earrings or I can dress it down by removing the sweater and wearing it to the beach!

Outfit #2
This is the most casual of the outfits. This is a simple, laid back, back to school look for the fall/end of summer time! The striped blue and white top from Ralph Lauren adds a nautical feel to the look without making too much of a statement. I paired this top with a pair of simple khaki shorts (very preppy and nautical!) from Old Navy and some Sperry's!

Outfit #3

This is for those of you who are a little bit more daring when it comes the colors of your clothes. I paired a simple red quarter sleeve shirt with some navy blue shorts from Marshall's. It's a little more edgy than some of the other outfits but it also follows the color blocking trend. When I looked at some of the ways other girls were wearing the nautical trend, I noticed the way they would pair red with navy blue and I thought they looked great together! I also paired the outfit with a statement necklace that had little anchors on it from Forever 21.
 Outfit #4
I love this outfit! I incorporated the trend with this striped shirt from Forever 21 . It also adds a bit of the nautical feel with the puffy sleeves. Stripes are very flattering so this trend works especially well for us girls who always have something to hide! I also wore these khaki capri pants from Hollister and I love them. This is definitely a more formal look for a dinner or if you need to dress a little less casual then your usual jeans and t-shirt.

If you don't like making your whole outfit nautical, you can add a few pieces to amp up your look and make it more trendy. Whether its adding a piece of anchor jewelry to your look, or going all out in a sailor costume, I hope you jump on the nautical bandwagon before the summer comes to an end!
 Quick Update: I will be going to Miami, a cruise to the Bahamas, and Disney World/Universal throughout the next two weeks so I may not be able to post too much. However, if your interested in seeing pictures, I will be posting little updates on the blog and some outfit of the days. I am planning on doing a theme park makeup tutorial as well so stick around for those! I will always be updating via twitter and you can e-mail me anytime for a response!
Thanks for reading! 
Emily :)

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