Haul: Marshall's

Hey everyone! I got some great deals yesterday at Marshall's! If you dont have a Marshall's around you, it's pretty much just a clothing store that sells discount designer brands. There may be either someone very small wrong with it, or the designer may have made too many of that item so it gets sent to Marshall's for bargain hunters like me to buy:) I hope you enjoy.
This was the best deal I got. This is a lucky brand shirt and I got if for only $15! It  was retailed at over $70 so I felt like I was stealing. Plus, it was really great quality! I love it so much and it's my new favorite summer top.
I got a really great deal on this. It was twenty five dollars for the top and the bottom combined! That was great because these days, every store sells them separately and it really adds up. Its from the brand Roxy. The tag also said it was supposed to be $72 so it was a great find.

Just a simple strapless dress which I'm planning to use as a beach cover up. It's really comfortable and flowy. From the brand Raviya and it was $9.99

Nothing special just a plain white razor back tank top. Jo&Co Jean Company, $6.99

Really cute floral white and navy top. Super flowy and flattering!  Milano; $14.99

Love this top! It's a really flowy peach and grey striped shirt. It's simple but it looks so cute with a pair of shorts and cute sandals! I'm definitely going to add a long necklace with this. Ginger G; $12.99

Shorts: Old Navy
On my nails: Revlon "Minted"

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