Review: Jergen's Natural Glow Self Tanner (9/10)

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I purchased the Jergen's Natural Glow daily moisturizing lotion and face moisturizer for prom this year so I could have a nice healthy fake tan!

Price: 8.79 for body lotion and 8.49 for face moisturizer

Where to Get It: Target, Wal-mart, various drugstores

First Impressions: I had low expectations. I had tried self tanners in the past and hated them!

First Use: Kind of an odd smell. Not bad but not good either but you get used to it. It moisturizes really, really well and goes on clear. The facial moisturizer was AMAZING! I liked it more than any other moisturizer I've tried. After I applied these products, my skin was very soft but results take a couple of days as far as getting tan.

After a Week: It very, very slowly adds a nice glow to your body. No streaking, no mess! These were perfect for prom and they take a little while to get you tan so it's not scary to look at your legs the next day. And the color is perfect! It's not orange whatsoever. In fact, it was very close to what a look like in the summer time! But, my palms turned orange after use so make sure you wash them!

Overall: Best self tanning product out there as long as you don't mind waiting a few days before you see a change. I still use the facial moisturizer every single day! I love it so much. I'm saving the rest of the body lotion for next winter when I start to become pale again. The tan will wash out in the shower after you go about three days without using it so it's definitely not permanent if you dont like it. Your palms will turn orange if you don't wash them after use though! All in all, great starter self tanning product.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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  1. i love the youtuber you mentioned! and thanks for reviewing the jergens! i want to get it


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