Vera Bradley Collection

Hey girls! So around this time last year I posted about my fall school bag and it just happened to be Vera Bradley. Since then, I've gotten several requests to do show my Vera Bradley collection. I don't have too much but I love what I do have! I hope you enjoy :)

The "Vera" Tote in the pattern Slate Blooms ($80) Still Available!

The "Tote" (their medium sized tote bag) in "Caffee Latte"
Pattern was discontinued but style is still around! ($48)

My first Vera Bradley purchase. The "Backpack" in "Peacock" ($70)

The "Carry It All Wrislet" in "Slate Blooms" ($40)
Inside: ID slot, 5 card holders, money lays flat, holds phone.

                                                           The "Clip Zip ID" in the pattern "Hope Garden".
                                                            Pattern was discontinued :(
They also have the cutest bags from the store! 
The thought they put into the littlest things amazes me:)
This is the receipt! How adorable. Its like a present!

I also have some stationary from Vera but I didn't think it was beauty or fashion related so I might put that up on my other blog :) My mom has ALOT more Vera Bradley then me so if your interested in seeing that as well I can put up an additional Vera post in a little! 
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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