How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone! Just a quick tutorial on how to clean your makeup brushes! Enjoy :)

You can clean any type of brushes with this method! These are  just misc. dirty brushes that needed cleaning!

First your going to need shampoo. Any kind of shampoo will do. You can use high-end shampoo's or  even $1 shampoos from the drug store! It doesn't matter.
Add a small drop of shampoo to your brush.
Run your brush under the water and rub it against the bottom of the sink in circular motions.
Here you can see all the grossness hiding in my brush from using bronzer!
Then towel dry/ wipe off the brush.
Dry your brushes upside down to prevent water from ruining the brush's handles!
The brushes can take anywhere from 6 hours- a couple days depending on how dense the brush is. Thank you to Mira for reminding me to add this in:)

Hope this helps! The black brushes are from Shany Cosmetics, the gold brushes are from Tarte cosmetics and the white blending brush is from E.L.F.

Thanks for reading!<3
Em :)

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  1. Thank you so much for that tip :) I was just wondering; how long does it take for the brushes to dry?

  2. Thank you for reading! Depending on how dense the brush is, it can take anywhere from over night to a couple of days.

  3. great tutorial , i was my brushes with baby shampoo.

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I use anti bacterial dishwashing liquid..


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