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My collection of flea market finds!

Hey everyone! Lately, I've had this new obsession: flea markets! They're so fun to go to and shop around for sunglasses, bags, jewelry, perfumes, clothes, shoes, makeup, and anything else you can imagine! With most flea markets, a lot of what they sell are actually knock-off designer items that you just can't help but buy to trick your friends. I've had both good and bad experiences with flea markets. I've bought bags that have fallen apart, jewelry that lasts a day or too, and some really bad knock-off Chanel earings... but I've also bought some great bags and jewelry as well! And everything there is less then $20. Here are some reviews on a handfull of the items that I've purchased (some items have been lost, thrown away because they're terrible, etc!).

This is probably my most favorite flew market purchase ever. It's knock-off Tiffany's but  I like that it's not too obvious. It says "T & CO" on the back so it's not too tacky and it's overall just a beautiful necklace. I wear it almost everyday because it goes with everything. And the best part... it was only $10!

Pandora charms for a buck? YES! I was so excited to see fake Pandora charms there. The best part about the fish charm is that Pandora actually sells one just like it! It's called the happy blow fish and it costs thirty dollars. I got mine for 1/30 of the price! And I've seen the squirrel made by other bead companies as well! Really good find!
Sorry for the terrible quality but this is the one item I've bought at a flea market that isn't a  knock-off ! It's a no-name brand and its just a simple anklet with roses. I like it a lot! Only $5

 This is a knock-off Versace hobo bag! I liked it because it was really spacious and only $5 . I figured I could bring it to the beach or somewhere that I wouldn't mind it getting ruined. The quality was so-so but I could not pass it up.

I LOVE this bag! It's fake Coach and super cute. It has a cross body strap that comes in handy!  And believe it or not... super good quality! It was $20 which is steep for a flea market but I purchased regardless.

My first flea market purchase a couple years ago. I hate it! It's flashy fake Coach and you can tell from a mile away. Terrible straps and just not even cute. What was I thinking paying $25 for this?!

A simple knock-off Coach wristlet. One of my first purchases. It isn't too bad of quality and I use it from time to time when  it matches my outfit. Good for a night out and it was $5

Another fake Coach wristlet. I like this one better because the quality is nicer. It was also $5.

Knock-off Coach wallet. I used this for two years as my everyday wallet and I still love it. It is spacious and has tons of card slots. My money lies flat and it even came with a cover for your checkbook. Only $5.

Terrible knock-off Chanel earrings. They're super tacky and heavy. And as you can see from the picture, the fake diamonds have already fallen off in random places. These were $10

Thanks for reading! Look for a flea market around you.
Em :)

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