Haul: Forever 21, Nordstroms, American Eagle, Claire's

Hey girls! Just hauling some new clothes/ accessories I picked up yesterday when I went shopping! Make sure you let me know whether you like how I hauled these items (took pictures of them hanging up) or how I hauled the item in my Marshal's Haul (wore the clothes). Tell me what you think in the comments below and enjoy! :)

Forever 21

Flowy cream knit top. $11.80
Love this! Reminds me of something I'd wear on new years. Very  flowy and sparkly. $17.80 
Softest sweater ever! And such a clean white color.  $14.50
Simple button up shirt. $15.80

Love this dress! Only $13.50
Favorite thing I bought by far. $17.80
Silver Earrings: $2.80; Gold/Pear Bangles: $6.80

American Eagle:

Darkish Wash, "Slim Boot" $44.50


Yay! My biggest purchase but I love it :) Northface  W Venture Jacket in black.


Just some simple flower hair clips. I need some for some future hair tutorials :)
$3.50 each

I hope you enjoyed my haul! Make sure to comment/follow!

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  1. love everything you bought! i need to hit up forever 21 so badly!
    i nominated you for an award, check it out on my blog :) i also shot you an email the other day girl! xoxoxoxo

  2. You are so lucky you have these stores in your country! :)

  3. Great buys! Everything is so cute I haven't been shopping in forever!

  4. omg I loove the simple flower hair clip, they're so cute ^^

    don't forget to join my CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY , thank you ^^

  5. I gave you an award on my blog! :)

  6. i likee that only dress! :)

  7. thankks again for the blogaward you gave me:) i linked back to you.


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  9. i wish there was a Forever 21 in Portugal :(


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